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Tyron Woodley: Anybody other than Conor McGregor would have been fired for UFC 223 bus attack

UFC welterweight champion says any other UFC fighter would have been sacked on the spot for Brooklyn bus incident



Per Haljestam

Anyone worried about other fighters considering following Conor McGregor’s controversial antics during UFC 223 fight week last week should rest easy, according to UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

“I dare somebody to try that,” said Woodley.

“Your ass will get kicked out of the UFC, ASAP.”

The 170-pound world champ was talking to reporters ahead of UFC Fight Night in Glendale, Arizona, and said that no other fighter on the roster would get away with the sort of behaviour we saw from the Irish UFC superstar last week.

“Nobody else: black, white, green, purple. I don’t care who you are,” he continued.

“If you’re not Conor McGregor and you do that, instantly the second the glass shattered, you would already have got the pink slip. So it’s not going to be the norm.”

McGregor, however, is unlikely to be going anywhere. He faces a June 14 court date in Brooklyn to face charges of Criminal Mischief and Misdemeanour Assault, but it is believed that a custodial sentence is unlikely.

It’s also unlikely that the UFC will heavily punish their controversial star beyond a fine and a short suspension. That, Woodley says, is simply down to one thing – money.

“Conor’s become an outlier to the equation,” he explained.

“He’s been able to do what he’s been doing because he’s given an inch (and) he’s taken a mile, taken two miles.

“Because of his star power, because of his draw, because of what he brings to the table and how much money he generates for our organisation, he’s been given a little bit of a cushion. Now, they haven’t given him that big of a cushion. He’s done that by himself.”

But rather than piling on the heavily-criticised former two-weight champion, Woodley said the Dubliner would have to accept whatever punishments came his way and take a step back and reassess how he conducts himself as a high-profile athlete.

“I think his repercussions for that – the (law)suits are probably going to come afterwards, the fines and maybe the suspensions – should be enough punishment,” he said.

“I don’t feel the need to kick him while he’s down. He’s already done some bonehead stuff.

“He really needs to just sit back and re-figure, ‘What the hell am I doing?'”

Watch the interview via MMAjunkie here:

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