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The grind never stops, despite lockdown

I might be locked down at home here in the south east of England, but I’m still quietly getting on with my business behind the scenes.

As I write this, late on a Sunday night, I’ve just wrapped up a night (and a day) covering another major UFC event – UFC 257 – for multiple international outlets.

I work out of my home office virtually seven days a week these days, which is both a blessing and a curse. Having everything right here at home is perfect, and it definitely beats commuting! But current lockdown measures where I live mean there’s no real outlet to take advantage of breaks or to get out and about with the family between shifts.

Hopefully, the government here in the UK can get to grips with the pandemic (sadly, they’ve done a pretty shambolic job of it so far) and lockdown measures can be eased up enough so I can get out on my bike and, maybe, take the family out every now and then.

But, for now, life is pretty simple. Too simple. Fingers crossed things change for the better in the weeks and months ahead.



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