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Here is a selection of some of the recommendations made by former colleagues and contacts within the sporting world, as posted on LinkedIn.

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“Few people get to genuinely say they have played a significant role in the growth of a sport that has since become a global phenomenon, but when it comes to the UK’s love of MMA, Simon should take a huge amount of credit.

“Simon led BT Sport’s MMA coverage single-handedly during a time that the UFC hadn’t even grabbed the attention of those inside the BT Sport offices.

“Simon worked tirelessly and selflessly to promote MMA and in particular the UFC, helping to build a UK audience that coincided with the meteoric rise of the sport.

“Immersing himself in the authentic storytelling of the UFC, building relationships with fighters, officials and insiders alike, BT Sport’s UFC reputation was built on the foundation laid by Simon.

“Towards the end of Simon’s time with BT Sport he showed his adaptability and transferable ability by leading on our MotoGP digital coverage.

“The UFC now sits in a global spotlight, but back then in the early hours of the morning, when few others were watching, Simon was giving the UFC the attention he knew it deserved. Turns out he was right.”

– Leigh Moore | Founder, Creative Players



“Simon is up there with the best when it comes to storytelling and reporting in the world of sports journalism. I have worked with Simon for many years and will always take his call when he is looking to do an interview etc. One of the best recommendations that anyone can give to Simon, is the fact that every athlete I know feels the same way. Humble, likeable and trustworthy. One of the good ones, if not the best.”

– David Allen | Former Senior Vice President and General Manager (EMEA), UFC



“Simon has combined his writing talent, knowledge and dedication to become a hugely successful Sports Production Editor at Mirror Online and is somebody who has – and continues to have – a huge influence on my career and no doubt others as well.

“Here’s a snapshot of why. Firstly, he’s an excellent writer with the ability to seamlessly change style to write news, blogs, features and reviews across a wide range of – and sometimes lesser-known – sports. Secondly, his wealth of knowledge on these sports, combined with his eye for a story, mean he is a first-rate editor who delivers the content people want to read about. Thirdly, his grasp of how technology can improve a news website is second to none. … Simon is always two steps ahead and, in the digital age, that’s priceless. All of that, along with his meticulous planning and good humour, mean he is a pleasure to work under and somebody who continues to be at the top of his game.”

– Ben Curtis | Digital Sports Editor, Daily Telegraph



“Simon is a talented, diligent and perceptive journalist, with a deep understanding of the publishing side of the business. Always a pleasure to work with and has an ability to develop numerous high quality content streams across a number of different platforms. A great exponent of sports journalism in the digital age.”

– James Elliott | Former Vice President and General Manager (EMEA), UFC



“Simon and I have moved in the same professional circles for many years now, with him reporting on dozens of MMA events that I have been working on the comms side for. Incredibly knowledgeable, always professional and very personable, it’s always a pleasure having him at our media events and fight nights. That’s not to say he doesn’t ask the tough questions when necessary – because he absolutely does – but you know his content will be accurate and fair. As a result, he has an unrivalled contacts book across his beat and everyone I know thinks incredibly highly of him.”

– Katie Matthews | Head of Sport, PHA Group



“Simon has been one of the U.K.’s most respected figures in the coverage of mixed martial arts for the last decade. Through his coverage of the sport, often working solo for U.K. and international outlets, Simon has earned a well-deserved reputation within the sport for his professionalism, integrity, and tireless work ethic, as well as the significant contribution his coverage has made to the growth of the sport in the U.K.’s mainstream media.

“Now working as part of USA TODAY’s MMA Junkie team, one of the most respected international MMA journalists is working with one of the most respected MMA outlets in the world, where his skills and experience have further enhanced MMA Junkie’s industry-leading output. However, Simon’s expertise in sports content extends far beyond MMA and his resume, working for some of the biggest sports and media brands in the U.K., speaks for itself.”

– Eric Winter | Former Senior Vice President and General Manager, UFC


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