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About Simon Head

Hi there. I’m Simon Head, a freelance sports writer/journalist with 20+ years’ experience in the UK sports media industry.

I have extensive experience of managing websites, content, editorial staff and developmental projects, and am experienced at filing fast, accurate copy to deadline for digital and print platforms.

I can deliver regular written content in a variety of formats and styles: news, reports, reaction, interviews, features or opinion/comment pieces, written across a range of styles from AP to tabloid.

I’ve covered a wide range of sports from soccer to darts to grand prix motorcycle racing, and have covered major sporting events including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships, Olympic Games, UFC world title fights, The Grand National and The FA Cup Final.

During my career, I’ve managed the digital sports desks of both a national newspaper and a national sports broadcaster, coordinated online coverage of World Cups and Olympic Games and content-managed the website of the world’s biggest bookmaker. I’ve worked for The Football Association, written scripts for national radio sports shows, produced commercial radio shows and co-written a best-selling stats yearbook for the Premier League.

My main sport of expertise is the fast-growing sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). I’ve been covering the highest level of the sport for the last decade and have developed a strong network of contacts and a good reputation within the sport, working for national newspaper titles and broadcasters. From 2015-2017 I was the only full-time MMA-only journalist in the UK’s mainstream press.

“I love working with brands and outlets that share my passion for sport and legitimate sports coverage.”

Since January 2017 I’ve been running my own freelance sports writing business, and through that venture have delivered content for a host of UK and international outlets, including the BBC Sport, BBC Three, BT Sport, MMA Junkie/USA Today, RT Sport, The National (UAE), The Independent and Paddy Power.

I love working with brands and outlets that share my passion for sport and legitimate sports coverage. Get in touch to discuss your sports content requirements here.